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Britech College History

Britech history starts with the history of Interface Computer College.

Britechnologies Inc. was born out of the belief of the spouses Engr. Nick Baguio and Dr. Mia Baguio on the future of IT in Cebu and the passion to help students from average background to make it great in this industry. When Interface in Manila decided to reorganize Interface Cebu, Engr. Julius E. Romarate invited the spouses to join him in saving Interface. The very first discussion was on April, 2006. From there it was unstoppable until the corporation was formed to include Mr. Reynaldo Baguio and his wife, Mrs. Regina Baguio. BRITECH is so named after its incorporators, Baguio and Romarate who believes in the importance of IT education. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Interface Cebu was reborn as Britech College.

Interface Computer College History

The brainchild of two idealistic partners, INTERFACE Computer College primarily aims to reshaping the intellectual capacity and technology awareness of students that will ultimately build a strong foundation and a promising future for its graduates. INTERFACE, then known as Interface Computer Learning Center, began its operation in 1982 at the Cartimar Building along C.M. Recto Avenue in Manila. INTERFACE is in fact one of the largest, private computer institutions of the Philippines and remains to be non-franchise educational institution.

With the increasing demands for Information Technology of I.T. professional, INTERFACE has expanded its horizon by opening branches in Caloocan, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao bringing quality yet affordable computer education nearer to the people. In 1994, INTERFACE became a college thus offering computer-based degree courses aside from the shortterm courses such as computer technician, computer secretarial, computer software operations and computer programming. All courses offered by the college are duly recognized and authorized by CHED and TESDA.

Official Britech Logo

The BR stands for its two incorporators, Baguio and Romarate. The iTech symbolizes the apparent need to combine all types of technology to ensure quality education for all students. The globe signifies excellence, growth and expansion. The College aims to produce world class, extraordinary professionals equipped with the essential technical and life skills.

The first BriTech Flag was raised on mid-morning of November 10, 2010, a sunny Wednesday. This was during the Welcome Orientation for the 2nd Semester at the new campus in Angelica Bldg., Jones Avenue. The flag was represented to the student with a short parade and introduced by Faculty Coordinator, Ms. Rose Encabo who with the Dean Julius Romarate, drafted a definition. The flag raising was done by its President, Nicolas Baguio, Vice-President, Mia Baguio and College Dean, Julius Romarate. The student’s voices singing, “If We Hold on Together” rendered solemnity to the simple affair.

The name BRITECH College is spelled out in royal blue letters against a golden yellow background with an outsized globe dotting the letter “I”. The blue globe, is marked with a silhouette of people holding hands. It is distinguished by two swoosh on the left side of the globe with three rectangular dots towards the end of the swoosh. The Interface logo of green and white is clearly emphasized under Britech’s name. This is adopted from the official logo of Britech. White and yellow tassels surround the flag.

BRiTech is derived from BRight minds in the midst of Integrated Technologies and innovations. This is the driving force of the institution transforming learners to become extraordinary professionals. It also represents the people who restored Interface Computer College. B stands for Baguio and R stands for Romarate.

The green colored small letter “i” in Britech highlights IT, which is the core competence of the College. Green, as with the Interface Logo, honors its beginnings from Interface. Embodied in the globe is the Britech team, holding hands in educating global citizens. The swoosh is a reminder to focus and move quickly and smoothly in achieving the Vision (inner swoosh) and Mission (outer swoosh). Steering Britech are the values of Excellence, Empowerment and E-growth, represented by the three dots in the swoosh.

The tassels surrounding the flag, symbolizes a tightly knitted local and global community, the stakeholders of the institution, the learners, their parents, the administrators and the educators, the government, the benefactors, the industries and partners.


– Like the color of the ocean, is perceived as a constant in our lives. Blue is associated with intelligence, stability and unity. BRiTech breathes the meaning associated with blue, the importance of education, the gift of confidence to the learners to find their intelligence, their being “bright”, leading to their stability. It reflects the institution’s constancy and commitment in the journey to excellence.


– Hope and happiness, the nature and culture of yellow, projects the power of the sun. This is the fabric of hope for each one in BRitech, as sure as the sun will rise each day, the aspirations of each Britechies, will come true, obstacles notwithstanding. It is empowering, with the raised Britech flag, as the emblem of hope.


– The wonder of life and nature. It is the color of learning, harmony, growth and prosperity. Britech integrates balance and a sense of order in the midst of change and transformation necessary for growth. The energy of green gives the ability to sustain changes while maintaining harmony. This crystallizes the desire for prosperity and success for all.

Fair Britech College, our haven in this great land Within thy radiant halls, our skills are honed Chartered by discipline, wisdom and mores With ardent educators, our guide to fulfil our destiny Oh! Britech College, thy name be exalted!

Dear Britech College, guide us to our great future Enthrone thy sons and daughters as lifelong leaders Emblazoned with the joy of learning Keep us wise and strong, as we love thee forever Oh! Britech College, God bless our school from year to year.

Proud Britechies, embrace and salute thy banner In difficulties and victory, lasting gratitude we offer Fair Britech College, we honor God, and our family God bless our school today as we develop leaders – one student at a time.

Engr. Nicolas M. Baguio, Jr.

Engr. Nicolas M. Baguio, Jr.

From the College President

“The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call
luck.” – Anthony Robbins

Welcome to Britech College! As a new organization (new people and new
mindsets), we are excited to impart to you the most effective and empowering
hard and soft skills. By doing this, we hope to prepare you for the real life after
graduation, or your work here in Britech.

As we endeavor in achieving our vision and living our mission, we would like
to share to you the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “What lies behind you
and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

We look forward to your stay in our school full collaboration, cooperation,
teamwork and trust. Be the best that you can be!

Dr. Zamyra Franco-Baguio

From the Vice President

“We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our
thoughts we make the world” – Buddha

These are very profound and powerful words. It emphasizes that our success
comes primarily from what we think of ourselves, our capacity for greatness or
our lack of trust in what we can be.

In Britech, we believe in our greatness as a person, shaped from the image of
our Creator. We believe in your capacity to be better individuals. We have
prepared the groundwork to cultivate your growth and development. In turn,
we ask you to cultivate your faith in yourself and endeavor to work as a
professional . Adults are better learners than children, if they have the
patience to be beginners. Together let us work towards your greatness!

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